Support healthy eating for individualised fitness clients (Release 1)

In this unit, SISFFIT053 Support healthy eating for individualised fitness clients, covers what is required to identify individual client needs for healthy eating advice, and provide information that supports clients to establish healthier eating patterns. Information is based on the current Australian national dietary guidelines and associated resources which aim to promote optimal health and wellbeing for generally healthy people.

The elements and performance criteria include:

  1. Identify client needs for nutrition advice.
    1.1. Consult with client to confirm their nutritional goals and clarify their expectations and need for nutrition advice.
    1.2. Explain boundaries of own role in providing nutritional advice to clients based on industry guideline scope of practice for fitness instructors.
    1.3. Identify clients with nutritional needs beyond own scope of practice and provide referral to medical and allied health professionals with expertise to advise on nutritional needs.
  2. Provide healthy eating advice within scope of own role.
    2.1. Seek information on client’s daily pattern of eating and compare with recommendations in national dietary guidelines and associated support resources.
    2.2. Provide feedback to client on their identified eating patterns and how they align with national dietary guidelines.
    2.3. Use a person-centred approach to assist client to identify changes to eating patterns to align with their health, fitness and nutritional goals.
    2.4. Provide information about patterns of healthy eating and appropriate proportions of different food types based on national dietary guidelines and associated support resources.
    2.5. Advise on limiting daily intake of discretionary foods outlined in national dietary guidelines.
  3. Support clients to adopt and sustain healthier eating patterns.
    3.1. Use client-centred communication showing sensitivity and empathy to support sustained behaviour change.
    3.2. Assist clients to modify their daily patterns of eating to align with their nutritional goals.
    3.3. Provide clients with information about daily living strategies that support healthy eating.
    3.4. Maintain records of information provided and client goals and progress according to record keeping and confidentiality procedures.
  4. Evaluate effectiveness of advice to clients.
    4.1. Seek and evaluate feedback from clients about value of healthy eating support.
    4.2. Identify potential changes to improve client outcomes and own practice through reflection on client feedback and own performance.
    4.3. Identify and use opportunities to update and expand knowledge of evidence-based nutritional information relevant to scope of practice for fitness instructors.

Purchase the materials:

  • Supplementary Notes;
  • Powerpoint Slides;
  • Learner’s Assessment Workbook;
  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks;
  • RPL Kit (Assessor and Participant);
  • Third Party Report; and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

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