Coordinate client service activities

customer serviceThis unit of competency SISXCCS002 Coordinate client service activities describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to coordinate client service activities. The unit focuses on the application of service standards to maintain and improve the level of service activities provided to clients. This unit applies to individuals who work in customer contact roles such as activity assistants or customer service assistants in locations such as community recreation centres, indoor recreation facilities, sporting complexes, fitness venues, and leisure and aquatic centres. It may also apply to those working on-site during sport, fitness and recreation events.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Identify client service standards.
1.1. Access and interpret client service standards for the workplace.
1.2. Contribute to the development, refinement and improvement of service policies, standards and processes.
1.3. Match staff to service client needs, as required.

2. Implement and evaluate client service systems.
2.1. Monitor implementation of client service systems by staff members.
2.2. Develop improved work practices after analysis of client feedback.
2.3. Evaluate client service activities to match organisational quality standards.
2.4. Take corrective action where necessary as part of continuous improvement strategy.
2.5. Organise training for staff members where necessary.
2.6. Maintain records of training undertaken and achieved service levels.

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