Conduct individualised long-term training programs

This unit of competency SISXCAI005 Conduct individualised long-term training programs, covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to apply sport or activity-specific knowledge to plan, implement and evaluate long-term training programs designed to develop individual sporting skills or physical capacity.  This unit applies to sport, fitness or recreation professionals working with individuals, groups or teams. These individuals undertaking work according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.


Elements and Performance Criteria

1 Identify participant needs and expectations.
1.1 Review and analyse participant requirements according to demands of the activity.
1.2 Develop participant profiles using evaluation measures.
1.3 Establish fixed points and phases of the program.
1.4 Identify specific participant needs to be addressed by the program.

2. Plan the program.
2.1 Develop program goals and phase objectives in consultation with participant.
2.2 Identify need for support personnel within the program.
2.3 Select exercises/drills and training methods to meet identified needs and objectives of the program.
2.4 Identify staff, equipment and resource requirements for each phase of the program.
2.5 Develop evaluation measures to monitor the program.
2.6 Schedule and document all aspects of the program.

3. Deliver long-term training program.
3.1 Explain and demonstrate exercises/drills, techniques and equipment to participants.
3.2 Monitor and document skill performance, fitness levels and wellbeing of participant throughout the program.
3.3 Monitor participant and adjust incorrect or unsafe techniques, as required.
3.4 Liaise with other coaches, instructors and support personnel working with the participant.
3.5 Use motivation techniques to encourage program adherence.

4. Evaluate and modify training program.
4.1 Seek feedback from participant and other personnel, as required.
4.2 Review own performance and identify potential improvements.
4.3 Modify program where required in response to feedback from participant and own self-reflection outcomes.

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  • Assessment Matrix

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