Instruct group water-based exercise sessions (Release 1)

This unit, SISFFIT039 – Instruct group water-based exercise sessions, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to prepare for and instruct group water-based exercise sessions according to predesigned session plans which may have been developed by self or others. It requires the ability to use aquatic exercise instructional techniques, and cater for different participant needs in a mixed ability group situation, within the confines of session guidelines.

The elements and performance criteria include:

  1. Prepare for water-based session.
    1.1. Check and prepare pool environment to meet session requirements and identify and respond to factors that may impact session delivery.
    1.2. Prepare required physical resources and check for safety and serviceability.
    1.3. Follow pre-exercise screening procedures and assess participant characteristics, condition and capability as they present through observation and verbal screening and provide required response.
    1.4. Issue exercise equipment to match participant characteristics and types of exercises.
  2. Brief participants.
    2.1. Provide clear safety information about exercise depth and gradient and appropriate group spacing.
    2.2. Explain participant responsibility to work within their capability and provide clear advice on contraindications and precautions for particular activities during session.
    2.3. Introduce session and its basic components using communication suited to participant characteristics.
  3. Deliver water-based session.
    3.1. Follow pre-designed session structure and timings.
    3.2. Use voice projection techniques suited to the pool environment.
    3.3. Combine clear and accurate verbal instructions and demonstrations for exercise technique, and explain effects of water on participant movements.
    3.4. Use group communication techniques that motivate participants to maintain active participation in the session.
    3.5. Monitor participant technique and safety and provide feedback, encouragement and corrective instruction based on observations.
    3.6. Facilitate effective group interaction to maintain group cohesion, engagement and safety.
    3.7. Observe individual participants, respond to difficulties and modify their activities to suit needs and to ensure engagement and comfort.
  4. Evaluate group-session.
    4.1. Seek and acknowledge feedback from participants and evaluate satisfaction with session.
    4.2. Evaluate own performance and identify areas for improvement.
    4.3. Complete session documentation and evaluation according to record keeping procedures.

Purchase the materials:

  • Supplementary Notes;
  • Powerpoint Slides;
  • Learner’s Assessment Workbook;
  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks;
  • RPL Kit (Assessor and Participant);
  • Third Party Report; and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

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