Deliver pre-choreographed or prescribed community fitness

This unit, SISFFIT009 Deliver pre-choreographed or prescribed community fitness, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to instruct pre-choreographed community fitness programs according to the training guidelines provided by the program developer. Program evaluation remains the responsibility of the approving authority. This unit applies to group exercise leaders working in a variety of locations and with a range of clients in diverse environments including aquatic, recreation, leisure, fitness, gym and community centres. These individuals typically work independently with some level of autonomy in a controlled environment. Work is performed according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

The elements and performance criteria for this unit are:

1 Prepare for community fitness program delivery.
1.1 Confirm licensing and provider requirements of the program.
1.2 Confirm facility and resource requirements for program delivery.
1.3 Confirm access to venue or facility meets needs and requirements of clients.

2 Conduct pre-choreographed community fitness program.
2.1 Confirm availability of area, assemble resources and prepare environment appropriately.
2.2 Check equipment for maintenance requirements according to program guidelines, as required.
2.3 Confirm capacity to independently participate in session and modify as required to suit specific needs.
2.4 Provide clear instructions according to program requirements using effective communication and instructional principles.
2.5 Demonstrate exercises, techniques and equipment, and monitor participation and performance of each participant.
2.6 Modify activity, as required to cater for a multi-level group according to program guidelines.
2.7 Respond to participants experiencing difficulties and answer questions as required.

3 Evaluate program.
3.1 Seek and acknowledge feedback from participants.
3.2 Evaluate participant response and feedback.
3.3 Evaluate own performance and identify areas needing improvement.
3.4 Update session documentation.
3.5 Maintain records of sessions according to program guidelines.

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