Instruct advanced exercise programs

skeletonThis unit, SISFFIT030 Instruct advanced exercise programs, is a core Unit of Competency in the Diploma of Fitness (SIS50215).  It describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan, instruct and evaluate advanced exercise programs for clients in both controlled and uncontrolled environments within scope of practice.  It requires the ability to provide a variety of fitness and conditioning programs that are targeted at individuals or groups who have completed industry endorsed pre-exercise screening and risk stratification procedures.

This unit does not apply to the delivery of strength and conditioning coaching or outdoor recreation activities. This unit applies to advanced personal trainers who typically work autonomously in controlled and uncontrolled fitness environments. Work is performed according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1 Establish participant needs and expectations.
1.1 Consider and confirm client needs, expectations and preferences using suitable questioning techniques.
1.2 Review and advise client of outcomes of pre-exercise screening procedures and fitness appraisal.
1.3 Refer client to medical or allied health professionals as required.
1.4 Conduct appropriate baseline fitness and/or functional assessments relevant to the client goals.
1.5 Identify potential barriers to achieving needs and goals.
1.6 Develop and document client profile for re-evaluation purposes.

2 Develop program plans.
2.1 Analyse and evaluate a variety of advanced training methods and program variables including intensity, volume, frequency, load, repetitions and rest intervals.
2.2 Determine type of training, training methods and equipment required to achieve client goals.
2.3 Develop client personalised strategies to overcome identified barriers to participation and enhance exercise adherence.
2.4 Develop and document program incorporating core training principles, key instructional information, and guidance from a medical or allied health professional as required.
2.5 Select appropriate program assessment techniques.

3 Conduct advanced exercise sessions.
3.1 Allocate sufficient space, assemble equipment and resources and conduct safety and risk assessments.
3.2 Explain any precautions for exercise relevant to client as determined through pre-exercise screening and assessment results.
3.3 Provide clear and accurate exercise instruction and demonstration, including correct use of equipment and confirm client understanding.
3.4 Monitor participation and performance to identify signs of exercise intolerance and modify as required.
3.5 Monitor client intensity, techniques, posture and safety, and modify program as required.
3.6 Seek ongoing guidance from, or refer to, a medical or allied health professional, as appropriate.
3.7 Select and use motivational techniques that increase client performance and adherence to exercise.
3.8 Respond to clients experiencing difficulties and answer questions as required.
3.9 Educate client to monitor and maintain own records of training and progress, relevant to established goals and program plan.
3.10 Complete session documentation and progress notes.

4 Evaluate advanced exercise program.
4.1 Evaluate exercise program at appropriate intervals.
4.2 Measure progress using re-evaluation fitness and/or functional testing procedures.
4.3 Request and respond to feedback from client.
4.4 Identify exercise program or fitness components needing emphasis, attention or modification.
4.5 Review own professional performance and identify areas needing improvement.
4.6 Implement modifications to future sessions and discuss program changes with client.
4.7 Maintain records of evaluation and modification of program.

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