Apply anatomy and physiology to advanced personal training

skeletonThe unit, SISFFIT029 Apply anatomy and physiology to advanced personal training, is a core Unit of Competency in the Diploma of Fitness (SIS50215).  It describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to incorporate a progressed understanding of anatomy and physiology to exercise programming within scope of practice.

This unit applies to advanced personal trainers who use knowledge of the musculo-skeletal, neuro-muscular, cardio-respiratory and endocrine systems to support delivery of functional, effective and safe exercise programs.  This unit applies to advanced personal trainers who typically work autonomously in controlled and uncontrolled fitness environments. Work is performed according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

This unit does not apply to the delivery of exercise programs for clients with unstable health conditions, pain or injury as identified through industry endorsed pre-exercise screening and risk stratification protocols.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1 Consolidate understanding of anatomy and physiology.
1.1 Source and access information on the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory and endocrine systems.
1.2 Discuss/explain how understanding of functional anatomy contributes to safe/optimum exercise performance.
1.3 Use a wide range of terminology relevant to anatomy and physiology and fitness outcomes.

2 Apply knowledge to own professional practice.
2.1. Assess ways in which knowledge of anatomy and physiology may be used, adapted or challenged in instruction and provision of fitness advice.
2.2. Identify current and emerging knowledge of exercise principles relevant to professional development within scope of practice.
2.3. Use progressed knowledge of anatomy and physiology in day-to-day professional practice.
2.4. Modify approach to fitness programming activities and advice as required.

3 Maintain and update knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
3.1. Identify and use opportunities to update and expand own knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
3.2. Monitor response to changes made to own professional practice or instruction.
3.2. Continue to adjust own practice to optimise results.

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Suggested Textbook:
The Specialised Exercise Trainer: A Guidebook by Rosemary Marchesespecialised exercise trainer.

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