Conduct fitness appraisals

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This unit of competency SISFFIT006 Conduct fitness appraisals, is part of the core requirements for the Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315).  It describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan and conduct fitness appraisals, related to the health-related components of fitness. It requires the ability to determine positive behavioural change strategies in preparation for an exercise program and use fitness appraisal equipment according to manufacturer guidelines.

This unit applies to fitness instructors who work in a variety of fitness locations such as fitness, leisure and community centres. These individuals typically work independently with some level of autonomy in a controlled environment. Work is performed according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1 Identify client fitness goals.
1.1 Clarify significance of fitness appraisal in relation to program development and seek client consent.
1.2 Review pre-exercise health screening, and health assessment procedures as required.
1.3 Discuss client health-related goals and acquire additional client information as required.
1.4 Refer client to a medical or allied health professional as required.

2 Plan and conduct fitness appraisal.
2.1 Determine tools and methods to conduct health and fitness assessments.
2.2 Conduct required health and fitness assessments in a safe and timely manner.
2.3 Implement strategies to overcome client cultural and social differences and behavioural patterns as required.
2.4 Select and use communication techniques that encourage and support the client.
2.5 Monitor client for signs and symptoms of intolerance and discontinue fitness assessments as required.
2.6 Explain results of fitness assessments and recommend an appropriate exercise program.
2.7 Match fitness goals to products and services available in the fitness industry.
2.8 Develop a client profile and record outcomes of appraisal and exercise program recommendations.
2.9 Review individualised exercise goals and implement adjustments to goals due to fitness appraisal results, as required.

3 Evaluate fitness appraisal.
3.1 Request and respond to feedback from client.
3.2 Identify and document aspects needing further attention

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NOTE: Some of the material is similar and duplicated from SISFFIT001 Provide health screening and fitness orientation. If you would like a reduced price for the cluster, contact us.

Corresponding textbook: The Essential Guide to Fitness: For the Fitness Instructor, 3rd Edition by Rosemary Marchese.

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